Stock Sizes
  • 10mm RBx1.65mx1.0-45.0m
  • 10mmx2.0mx1.0-45.0m
  • 10mm FBx1.65mx1.0 - 45.0m
  • 10mmx2.0mx1.0 - 45.0m
  • 10mmx2.4mx1.0 - 45.0m
  • 16mm RBx2.0mx1.0 - 30.0m
  • 16mm FBx2.0mx1.0 - 30.0m

Feedlot Matting


This dairy farmer had lost at least 6 cows the season before as their dairy had a very steep exit out into the yard. "Grooving the concrete had never worked!" , he said. He knew they had to do something different. After installing Agri-Mat®, this is what the farmer said: "Even when we have had the odd cow go down, they always get up and walk away!"
Dairy Farmer - Northern Tasmania.

Another very satisfied client said: "This Agri-Mat® Rubber is excellent, the cows are much quieter and calmer!"
AB Craig - Queensland