Why Choose Sterling Supplies

With a collective experience of over 40 years Sterling Supplies has a variety of building safety products to suit our clients’ needs.

We have a large range in all matting areas such as anti-fatigue, anti-slip, indoor and outdoor entrance matting.

Our stair nosing range is extensive to comply with government regulations and the many different substrates.

As we manufacture our tactiles here in Australia, we supply a large variety of standard colours, plus provide custom colours on request.

With the correct manufacturing facilities, Sterling Supplies is able to produce custom products to suit any project need.

With an experienced team at Sterling Supplies, the team is well trained in understanding the Australian building code standards.

With Australian made products, Sterling Supplies products have been tested and proven to exceed their warranties.

Our skilled procurement team works with reputable suppliers throughout the world, to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Sterling Supplies manufactures our matting, stair nosings and tactiles here in Australia, which gives our resellers the competitive edge with quality products.

With over 20 years’ experience in wholesale supply, we understand the quality and wholesale pricing you require to be both competitive whilst having great profit margins.

Our economies of scale and volume production means we can provide lower pricing whilst maintaining a consistent quality.

With a dedicated support team handling all incoming enquiries, you can be sure your enquiry will be given immediate attention.

With our state-of-the-art ERP system, all communications with Sterling Supplies will be a seamless experience.

We provide clear easy to understand proposals with comprehensible documentation.

Sterling Supplies stocks a large range of “off-the-shelf” products, available for immediate dispatch.

Sterling Supplies’ manufacturing/distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania ensure quick order turnaround times.

With 20 years’ experience of custom manufacturing, shaping and sizing of products, we can provide fast turnaround on any custom jobs you require.

Sterling Supplies: Where Quality and Service Matters

Matting fulfils a key function in buildings: entrance matting provides a good first impression, it protects other surfaces against wear and tear and reduces cleaning costs. Anti-Fatigue matting provides protection against health problems caused by standing on hard surfaces all day. Anti-Slip matting reduces the effects of slips, trips and falls. Agricultural matting provides soft surfaces for the health and well-being of animals. Sterling Supplies is a Gold-Ribbon importer and manufacturer of commercial quality matting. We differentiate ourselves through our high level of service.

Mission Statement

Making it easy for you to ensure your public place is compliant.

Our Vision

To be recognised in the market for providing an easy experience.