Product Rating
  • Comfort
  • Traction
  • Wear
Stock Sizes
  • 60cm x 90cm
  • 90cm x 1.5cm
  • 60cm wide runner
  • 90cm wide runner
  • 1.2m wide runner
  • Special Sizes Available Upon Request
3 Years Warranty

Diamond Plate Sponge 416

Diamond plate floor mats are durable vinyl surface bonded to a resilient, closed-cell vinyl foam. Together this provides excellent anti-fatigue and wear characteristics.

  • Diamond-Plate rubber protector mats will protect floors or industrial equipment
  • These rubber floor mats are an ideal outdoor floor covering for slippery walkways and paths
  • Diamond-Plate rubber runners can be installed with a quick and easy installation process
  • Suggested uses: non-slip mats, safety mats for kitchens, gym mats, kennel mats, residential garages floor covering, or utility mat
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Colours Available

  • A top quality product.
  • Durable PVC surface - bonded to a resilient anti-fatigue closed-cell vinyl foam base.
  • Diamond pattern provides an abrasion and slip resistant surface.
  • Top surface will resist common fluids, most chemicals and is non-flammable.
  • Comes in all black or chevron safety borders.
  • Bevelled edges on all sides.
  • Good for relief of leg, ankle and back discomfort while working.