Product Rating
  • Performance
  • Traction
  • Wear
Stock Sizes
  • 1.8m x 20.4m roll
  • 1.8m wide runner
  • Special Sizes Available Upon Request
5 Years Warranty

Entrymaster® Premier Roll Goods 271

This ultimate Heavy Duty Entrance Matting will keep giving long life and effective feet cleaning. Stop all kinds of dirt and moisture at the door for time to come.

Entrymaster® Premier Roll Goods features a 36 ounce Heavy Duty multi-denier polypropylene yarn system. This is the heaviest fibre available in its field.
The Entrymaster® Premier Roll Goods 271 is manufactured with a rubber-reinforced profile. Aimed to prevent crushing of its unique dirt entrapment system, even in the highest traffic areas.

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Colours Available

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor high traffic entrance areas.
  • Re-inforced chevron pattern provides mega scraping action.
  • Heavy duty polypropylene fibres that outlast any other.
  • Designed for placing in recesses and large inlay areas.
  • Smooth rubber backing: Ideal for hard surfaces.
  • Available with heavy duty ramped edging for loose lay applications.