Agri-Mat® Tile

  • So easy to install you could do the whole yard in a day!
  • Interlocking system ensures simple and rapid installation.
  • Non-slip Rubber surface.
  • In addition to being gentle on hooves, soft floor surfaces are slip resistant as cows hooves sink into the rubber.
  • The wearing of the hoof does not occur on soft natural rubber mats.
  • Also use in horse stables and laneways.

When it comes to agricultural rubber mats, the Agri-Mat® Interlocking Rubber Dairy Tile can't be looked past.

This matting systems is easy and very quick to install.

Cows are more confident and sure-footed when walking and turning on AGRI-MAT® Rubber, replicating the grip and give of natural pasture. This relieves stress on your cows, leading to improved milk production. It also helps to avoid injury and lameness caused by hard slippery concrete surfaces.

Can also be used in your horse stable or on walkways.

This dairy farmer had lost at least 6 cows the season before as their dairy had a very steep exit out into the yard. "Grooving the concrete had never worked!" , he said. He knew they had to do something different. After installing Agri-Mat®, this is what the farmer said: "Even when we have had the odd cow go down, they always get up and walk away!"
Dairy Farmer - Northern Tasmania.

Another very satisfied client said: "This Agri-Mat® Rubber is excellent, the cows are much quieter and calmer!"
AB Craig - Queensland

Available Colours

Available Colours


Stock Sizes

1.0 x 1.0m Interlocking Tile
17.0mm thick



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