Duratred® Ribbed

Duratred® Ribbed is an alternative to the Duratred® 516, for heavy traffic areas and areas exposed to the weather. Its construction and styling is similar to that of Duratred® 516. The ribbed insert set between the extruded aluminium ensures maximum durability and gives a classy architectural look. This robust matting system not only lasts in weather exposed but also high traffic conditions.

  • Long life durability
  • High dirt removing capacity
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Classy architectural look
  • Provides great anti-slip surface
  • Global Green Tag certified – GreenRate level C

Global GreenTagCert™ Product Assessment Report – Top 3 Benefits:

  • Health & Ecotoxicity
  • Local Procurement
  • Durable

Education Institutions
Industrial Applications
Office Areas
Shopping Centres

Stock Sizes

1050 x 612mm
1250 x 816mm
1600 x 918mm
1800 x 918mm
2150 x 1020mm
2600 x 1224mm
3200 x 1836mm
Can be custom made to any size without using infill strips
Special Sizes Available Upon Request



Available Colours

Available Colours

Jet Black Elite

Product Rating

Product Rating






This product has a 7 year warranty period strictly limited to the repair or replacement of product, that in Sterling Supplies’ opinion, was properly applied, installed and maintained, and does not include any responsibility for consequential or other damages. Sterling Supplies warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.