Entry Brush

Entry Brush is a unique outdoor mat that combines scraping ability and moisture absorption. It can be used as a loose lay mat or in a recess. It provides an excellent first dirt trapping surface and can be used outside the entry exposed to the weather or as an indoor mat. Absorption capacity 3.8 litres/m2. … Read More

Durarib 500DR

The Durarib 500DR series of throw down matting features a reliable polypropylene composition. With a reinforced surface pattern, this mat will not fade or deteriorate over time. It has a moulded rubber edging that will ensure that the matting remains tear, curl and damage resistant. Get yourself a long lasting, non-fitted entrance mat with the peace of mind you … Read More

Polyrib 500 Rib Mat

Top selling ribbed commercial mat that provides good performance at a value price. Colours Available

Superkord 515

A wide ribbed commercial matting with heavy duty polypropylene fibres and PVC backing. Suitable for medium to heavy traffic areas. Colours Available

Décor Plush 512

Classic commercial matting with a plush polypropylene surface. Often used as a carpet mat for office chair on hard floors. Decor Plush has multiple uses: Entry matting and, can be used as a chairmat on hard surfaces – slows chair movement, or can be used as an insulator on cold concrete floors. If you need … Read More

Multigard 220

Colours Available

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