Polycarbonate Carpet Protector – Chair Mats 300P

Polycarbonate carpet protector, or Chairmats Chairmats are extremely durable and are environmentally friendly. A chairmat will protect your floor surface and provide ease in chair movement.

PVC Chair Mats 300/300H

The PVC chair mats are a clear plastic mat designed to protect your floor surface, and provide ease of chair movement. Stop those nasty castor marks, wear from shoes and high trafic areas. Prevent excess wear and tear on your carpets or hard floors. For hard floor surface protection, look at the 300H PVC chair … Read More

Décor Plush 512

Classic commercial matting with a plush polypropylene surface. Often used as a carpet mat for office chair on hard floors. Decor Plush has multiple uses: Entry matting and, can be used as a chairmat on hard surfaces – slows chair movement, or can be used as an insulator on cold concrete floors. If you need … Read More

Gym Tile 940

Rubber Gym Tiles 940 is a 10.0mm thick rubber matting designed for high impact areas. These incluse areas such as weight rooms where heavy weights and dumb bells are dropped on a daily basis. Gym Tile is a jigsaw interlocking sheet that is very easy to lay and can be taken apart and moved if … Read More

Comfort Floor 960

Colours Available

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