Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror

• Indoor Convex mirror with hi-vis orange edge.
• Very effective in blind spot areas.
• Suitable for various pedestrian and traffic applications – car parks, low visibility intersections, roads, loading docks and retail facilities.
• Comes with appropriate wall mounting hardware for ether Wall mount or Pole Mount (Please advise on ordering which mount you require).
• Mirrors are tested to provide distortion free viewing.
• External Convex Mirror available.

Product Specification

Educational Facilities, Airports, Residential Car Parks, Other Public Car Parks, Industrial Applications

Orange Surround

450 mm diameter
600 mm diameter

Determine if Convex Mirror will be fixed to a pole or wall mounted. If fixed to a pole, put the bracket around the pole and tighten at the required height. If wall mounted, at required height Drill 3 x 10mm holes use the wall mount as a guide and fasten 10mm x 45mm Sleeve Anchors into the holes. Once Bracket is fastened to the wall, attach the mirror to the mount and adjust the angle of the mirror to achieve the required vision.

This product has 2 years warranty period strictly limited to the repair or replacement of product, that in Sterling Supplies’ opinion, was properly applied, installed and maintained, and does not include any responsibility for consequential or other damages. Sterling Supplies warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.



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