Abrasive Stair Nosings

At Sterling Supplies, we understand that certain environments demand exceptional traction and durability. Our Carborundum or Abrasive Stair Nosings are best suited for such high traffic areas where moisture can be a concern. The heavy duty insert helps in providing a secure footing as it features exceptional anti-slip properties.

While safety is a top priority, we also offer design versatility. In our Abrasive and Carborundum Stair Nosing Range, you can choose from a range of insert colors to match your interior and ensure the perfect contrast. This way, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to achieve maximum safety.



Luminance Contrast (LRV) Reports and Calculator

Creating an accessible and safe environment is crucial. All our Stair Nosings come with Luminance Contrast (LRV) reports. You can also use our LRV calculator to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.


Xero Burwood, Hawthorn

Xero, Burwood Hawthorn

We’re so proud to be part of the Hacer Group’s recent project! Our products were installed at #Xero and the outcome looks AMAZING! Scroll through to get an idea of what you can do with #SterlingSupplies range of products
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Corporate
Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings Warehouse – Rozelle

Location: Bunnings Warehouse, Rozelle Client: Quasar Constructions
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Retail
Ramlegh Recreational Reserve

Ramlegh Recreational Reserve

Sterling Supplies worked with Lloyd Group, supplying, and installing tactiles, stair nosing and bollards at this new sporting facility in Heather Grove. Builder: Lloyd Group
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Community
Selandra Recreational Reserve

Selandra Recreational Reserve

It was a privileged to have helped make this new facility have a safe environment. Builder: Lloyd Group
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Community
Pentridge Shopping Centre

Pentridge Shopping Centre + Cinema

It was a pleasure to work with Construction Engineering to put the finishing touches in place at this shopping centre. Builder: Construction Engineering
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Retail
St Therese Primary School

St Therese Primary School

It was a joy to be involved at this educational space in Essendon to make each area safe and compliant for all personnel. Builder: Raysett Constructions
  • Abrasive Stair Nosings, Educational



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