Ribbed Stair Nosings

Our range of Ribbed Stair Nosings features a PVC insert which is renowned for its long-lasting quality. These come in a concealed screw & glue fix for a clean look or as an instant adhesive. The range features a variety of ribbed insert colours to choose from. It also features stair nosings to suit the broadloom carpet. The Ribbed or Rubber Stair Nosings provide a remarkable blend of durability and slip resistance ensuring that your stairs are safe even in high-traffic areas. Meet all your project needs with flexibility.

Safety is at the core of our design. All our Rubber on Ribbed Stair Nosings are equipped with an impressive P5 slip rating, signifying the highest level of slip resistance. We don’t compromise on your safety.



Luminance Contrast (LRV) Reports and Calculator

Creating an accessible and safe environment is crucial. All our Stair Nosings come with Luminance Contrast (LRV) reports. You can also use our LRV calculator to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

Explore Projects Featuring Ribbed Stair Nosing

Pentridge Shopping Centre

Pentridge Shopping Centre + Cinema

It was a pleasure to work with Construction Engineering to put the finishing touches in place at this shopping centre. Builder: Construction Engineering
60 Cremorne St

60 Cremorne Street Office

It was a delight to work with the team to help deliver this outstanding corporate building. A real pleasure to showcase our products throughout the building, especially on this iconic staircase. Builder: Built – VIC

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