Temporary Floor Protection

“Temporary floor protection is an essential element in any project, particularly in construction or renovation works. It is used to protect the flooring from damage, dirt, and spills during the construction process, and keep it looking new until the project is complete. Using temporary floor protection products not only saves money and time on repairs but also enhances safety for workers and minimizes liability risks.

Achieve maximum #protection and minimal hassle with our range of easy to install floor protection products. They are designed to provide reliable coverage and meet the highest safety standards.”

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What types of temporary floor protection products does Sterling Supplies offer?

Sterling Supplies offers a range of temporary floor protection products, including Carpet Floor Protection, Corflute Floor Protection, Hard Floor Protection, Joining Tape, and Membrane Tape. These products are designed to safeguard floors during construction or renovation.

What is Carpet Floor Protection, and how does it protect carpets?

Carpet Floor Protection is a specialized film or sheet designed to shield carpets from dirt, spills, and damage during construction. It adheres securely to the carpet surface without leaving any residue and provides a protective barrier against foot traffic and other potential hazards.

How does Corflute Floor Protection safeguard hard surfaces?

Corflute Floor Protection is a durable and lightweight material ideal for protecting hard surfaces such as tiles, vinyl, and timber floors. It prevents scratches and impact damage caused by heavy equipment, tools, or foot traffic.

What is Hard Floor Protection, and what types of hard floors does it cover?

Hard Floor Protection is designed to protect sensitive hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, and engineered flooring, from scratches, stains, and dents. It provides a temporary barrier that ensures the floor remains intact during construction or remodelling projects.

What is the purpose of Joining Tape for temporary floor protection?

Joining Tape is used to create a seamless connection between individual sheets or rolls of temporary floor protection materials. It enhances the overall effectiveness of the floor protection by preventing any gaps that could expose the floor to potential damage.

How does Membrane Tape enhance temporary floor protection?

Membrane Tape is a high-quality adhesive tape used to secure temporary floor protection materials firmly in place. It ensures that the protection stays in position during heavy foot traffic and minimizes the risk of accidental displacement.

How do temporary floor protection products benefit construction and renovation projects?

Temporary floor protection products safeguard floors from damage, reducing repair and replacement costs during construction and renovation projects. They help maintain the appearance of floors, enhancing overall project efficiency.