Car Park Safety

“Parking lots are among the most underrated safety risks for pedestrians and automobiles. Every time a vehicle must share space with pedestrians, extra safety measures are required.
Sterling Supplies offers car park safety products that can improve the safety of your parking lot while also keeping your car safe!”
Our range of car park safety products include Bollards, Speed Humps, Wheel stops, Mirrors, Corner Guards, Height bars and Bike Racks. The purpose of these products is to protect and segregate pedestrians from vehicle traffic and provide safe guidance for vehicles. These products protect property and personnel in your public area.


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What are surface-mounted bollards used for in car parks?

Surface-mounted bollards are used to create physical barriers and protect specific areas in car parks. They can be installed to prevent unauthorized parking, protect building entrances, and improve pedestrian safety by delineating walkways and traffic flow.

What is the purpose of in-ground bollards in car parks?

In-ground bollards provide a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution for car park safety. They are often used to control vehicular access, protect buildings from accidental collisions, and enhance security around sensitive areas

How do rubber wheel stops improve car park safety?

Rubber wheel stops are designed to prevent vehicles from overextending or encroaching into pedestrian areas or other vehicles’ parking spaces. They help drivers park their vehicles accurately and avoid potential accidents, ensuring a safe and organized car park environment.

What are the benefits of using galvanized corner guards in car parks?

Galvanized corner guards offer excellent protection for structural columns, walls, and corners in car parks. They safeguard these vulnerable areas against damage caused by vehicle impacts, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing overall safety for both vehicles and structures.

How do rubber corner guards contribute to car park safety?

Rubber corner guards protect vehicles from collisions with sharp corners or obstacles in confined car park spaces. They act as a cushion, absorbing impacts and preventing damage to both the vehicle and the car park infrastructure.

What are skate stops, and why are they used in car parks?

Skate stops are designed to deter skateboarders, rollerbladers, or scooter riders from using handrails, curbs, or other surfaces as skateboarding obstacles in car parks. They promote pedestrian safety and protect car park structures from potential damage.

How does a convex mirror enhance car park safety?

A convex mirror provides a wide-angle view, improving visibility in blind spots and tight corners within the car park. It helps drivers see oncoming traffic and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.

What is the purpose of a height restriction bar in a car park?

A height restriction bar is used to limit the maximum height of vehicles allowed in certain areas of the car park. It prevents oversize vehicles from entering areas with low clearance, preventing potential structural damage and ensuring safety.

How do speed humps improve car park safety?

Speed humps are used in car parks to slow down vehicles and ensure safe driving speeds. They help prevent accidents and protect pedestrians by encouraging drivers to drive more cautiously and attentively

Are there specific standards or codes that govern car park safety products?

Yes, various standards and codes govern car park safety products, such as the AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 standard for parking facilities, which covers requirements for bollards, wheel stops, and speed humps, among others.