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  • This dairy farmer had lost at least 6 cows the season before as their dairy had a very steep exit out into the yard. "Grooving the concrete had never worked!" , he said. He knew they had to do something different. After installing Agri-Mat®, this is what the farmer said: "Even when we have had the odd cow go down, they always get up and walk away!"

    Dairy Farmer - Northern Tasmania

  • In all our dealings over a number of years, we have found Sterling Supplies to be helpful and courteous, with a sound knowledge of the matting industry.

    KB - BSM

  • One of our older customers knew he needed to do something to relieve himself of the aches and pains that come with dairy farming. He wasn't all that confident with our Pit Matting but he decided to give it a go. 12 months later this is what he said: "I just dont have the aches and pains like I used too!"

    Dairy Farmer - Victoria

  • "This Agri-Mat® Rubber is excellent, the cows are much quieter and calmer!"

    AB Craig - Queensland

  • "Our Pit Matting is fantastic, we would highly recommend it to anyone. Still lovely and soft 7 months on, and I dont see that changing."

    PD Hannigan & KA Irvin - Victoria

Why Sterling Supplies

Sterling Supplies established the MATLINK® matting brand to meet the need in any situation where matting is required. Entrance Mats, Entry Mats, Matting, Safety Matting, Custom Matting are all included in the MATLINK® matting product range.

You will find a large range of matting products here at MATLINK® that are designed for many different applications. If you need help in deciding what product suits your application, please feel free to call us on 1800 621 103. You can also check out our MAT PLACEMENT GUIDE for a comprehensive list of matting suited for your application.

Sterling Supplies will assist you in the design stage all the way through to completion of your project, whether large or small.

Brands associated with MATLINK® matting

Duratred®, Duratac®, Agri-Mat®, Entrymaster®, ModFIT®, Aquamasta®

Did you know you can request free samples

Requesting free samples will help to ensure you are getting the product you require! Simply request your free matting sample here.

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