Entrymaster® Classic

Entrymaster Classic

Entrymaster® Classic has proven itself time and again as an excellent performing polypropylene entrance mat. It has a rubber-reinforced profile to prevent the pile crushing in even the highest traffic areas and features a ‘Water Dam’ edge which retains dirt and water.

  • Raised pattern will not flatten.
  • Excellent dirt and water retention.
  • Cleated back minimises movement on most surfaces, especially carpet.
  • Moulded rubber edge is tear, curl and damage resistant.
  • Easily cleaned by sweeping, vacuuming or hosing.
  • Durable polypropylene will not fade, rot or stain – dries quickly.
  • Anti-static, safe for use in sensitive areas. Rating: 1.2KV.

Product Description

Thickness: 9 mm

580 x 870 mm
860 x 1450 mm
1140 x 1760 mm
1800 x 2400 mm
860m wide runner
1140mm wide runner
1800mm wide runner
860mm x 3.0m roll
860mm x 6.0m roll
1140mm x 6.0m roll
1800mm x 6.0m roll

Custom sizes available

Slip Rating:  P5

Flammability: CHF 1.1, Smoke Value 766″

This product has a 3 year warranty period strictly limited to the repair or replacement of product, that in Sterling Supplies’ opinion, was properly applied, installed and maintained, and does not include any responsibility for consequential or other damages. Sterling Supplies warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  •  Educational Institutions
  •  Industrial Applications
  •  Office Areas
  •  Restaurants/Eating Establishments
  •  Shopping Centres
  • Sports Facilities











Ensure the recess is clean and free of debris. Cut the mat to the size of the recess using a trimming knife, such as a Stanley knife (or similar). Use Sikabond 105 Contact Fix and spread evenly over both surfaces either by sprayer or trowel. Place the mat on top of the adhesive and use a vinyl roller (or similar) to apply even pressure over the surface of the mat. Ensure the mat is trimmed correctly to the area to prevent tripping hazards.

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