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Sterling Supplies is an Australian-owned family business that has been operating since 1994. Our main expertise lies in providing entrance matting, safety matting, stair nosing, tactile indicators, carpark safety products and bike racks to commercial construction industry professionals such as commercial flooring companies, builders, designers, and architects. Our experienced technical staff and installers serve Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Tasmania to make compliance requirements easy to meet, within budget and on time. Moreover, we have been supplying and advising Commercial Flooring, Carpet Stores, Safety Companies, and Industrial Suppliers for over 20 years. This experience makes us capable of advising on the best matting for any application and budget. We offer a wide range of products and technical knowledge to assist our clients in choosing products that work exceptionally in all environments.


October 1994 marked the birth of Allway Agencies as a pioneering business, that sold cutting fluids to the engineering industry.


In June 1995, we embraced the world of matting products, leading to the birth of Allway Matting. Operating from a humble lunchroom table nestled in a corner of a company in Victoria, Adloheat, the brand laid its foundation.


By January 1996, Allway Matting took a significant leap forward by constructing dedicated offices within the factory premises. Additionally, a mezzanine level was installed above the offices, featuring a cutting table that facilitated efficient mat customization.


Through a trajectory of measured progress, Allway Matting experienced gradual growth, reaching a pivotal milestone in June 1998 when the brand welcomed its first dedicated staff member. This additional member played a crucial role in supporting mat customizations and supporting sales efforts.


In 1999, Allway Matting embarked on a new venture by venturing into wholesale selling, catering not only to end users but also extending its reach to other matting companies and carpet shops. This strategic shift marked a significant expansion of the business's customer base and solidified its position in the industry.


To further propel its growth, Allway Matting welcomed its second team member in the form of a full-time salesman. This addition played a pivotal role in driving sales efforts and expanding the brand's presence in the market.


In July 2003, Allway Matting underwent a transformative phase. From this transition emerged Allway Distributors, a new identity that aptly reflected the brand's strategic shift towards the wholesale market. This change signified a fresh direction and reinforced the company's commitment to serving the wholesale industry with excellence.


May 2004 marked a significant relocation for Allway Distributors as it shifted its head office and entire stock to Burnie, Tasmania. The move solidified the brand's presence in a new location. At that time, the company boasted a full-time warehouse staff member, ensuring efficient operations, along with a part-time office staff member who contributed to the smooth functioning of administrative tasks.


To enhance its product supply capabilities, Allway Distributors embraced the utilization of third-party logistics (3PL) services in Melbourne. This strategic decision allowed the company to efficiently offer a diverse range of products to its customers.


In a notable rebranding move, Allway Distributors underwent a name change and emerged as Sterling Supplies. This transformation not only marked a new chapter for the company but also conveyed its commitment to providing exceptional supplies and services to its valued customers. The name "Sterling Supplies" encapsulates the brand's dedication to delivering high-quality products and establishing itself as a reliable industry leader.


With a focus on expanding its team, Sterling Supplies welcomed new additions and boasted a total of five staff members. This strengthened team allowed the business to effectively serve its growing customer base and further establish its presence in the market.


In January 2010, Sterling Supplies embarked on an exciting chapter by relocating to a new premises at 12 Thirkell St, Cooee. This move provided ample space and opportunities for the company to expand its manufacturing capabilities. Notably, Sterling Supplies ventured into the production of aluminium matting, further diversifying its product offerings.


Recognizing the demand for specialized solutions, Sterling Supplies expanded its product range to cater to a broader spectrum of project-based requirements.


By 2017, the project division of Sterling Supplies experienced rapid growth. The company took on additional staff members to accommodate the workload. By the end of that year, Sterling Supplies proudly employed a team of 10 dedicated full-time staff members


At the start of 2019, Sterling Supplies made a strategic expansion by incorporating Carpark Safety Products and Line Marking into its range. This addition was aimed at offering builders and contractors a comprehensive flooring finishes package, catering to their diverse needs.


In response to the escalating demand for its high-quality products, Sterling Supplies embarked on a significant expansion by opening new warehouses in both Sydney and Melbourne. The warehouses acted as key hubs, enabling Sterling Supplies to effectively meet the growing demands of the market and maintain its commitment to delivering timely and reliable services to its valued clientele.


In a remarkable display of product innovation, Sterling Supplies unveiled the Duratred® Ezy Aluminium Matting Concept in 2021. This cutting-edge product addition offers a new level of convenience and efficiency in the matting industry.


In 2022, Sterling Supplies embraced the dynamic world of social media. You can now follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. By connecting with us on these platforms, you gain access to real-time updates on our latest products, offers, warehouse happenings, and much more. Stay in the loop and engage with us as we share valuable insights, industry trends, and exciting updates. Join our growing community and be a part of the Sterling journey.


At present, Sterling Supplies proudly caters to a wide array of clients across Australia. With our comprehensive range of compliant commercial flooring and safety products, the company is dedicated to creating spaces that meet the highest standards of safety and functionality. This commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted partner for Entrance Matting, Safety Matting, Stair Nosing, Tactile Indicators, Car Park Safety and Temporary Floor Protection products. As we look to the future, we remain committed to being at the forefront of innovation and providing our clients with reliable and high-quality products.

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