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  • Axis is a modular entrance mat
3 Years Warranty

AXIS Modular Entrance Mat

Interlocking modular entrance matting system with intense wear, water-absorbent infills. Polyamide carpet infills in a tile design efficiently remove dirt and water from footwear approaching from all directions in our AXIS Modular Entry Mat.

Modular design allows PVC tiles to be cut to shape and size onsite for easy installation. To extend the mat, simply clip on more modules. The larger the mat, the better it will perform.

Save on regular cleaning of your floor coverings by concentrating your efforts on the working part of your floor, your Axis Matting. No need to remove when cleaning, as dirt cannot drop through. A correctly sized and positioned Axis mat will prolong the life of your floor coverings with a proven saving on maintenance.

AXIS mats are all custom-made to client’s specifications. Any shape or size can be made without losing structural integrity.
Thickness: 15.0mm

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Colours Available

  • Hardwearing for busy, important entranceways.
  • Easy to install in new or existing premises.
  • Modular design allows any size or shape.
  • Safe, anti-slip design.
  • Easy to clean: save on floor maintenance.