Entry Brush

Entry Brush is a unique outdoor mat that combines scraping ability and moisture absorption. It can be used as a loose lay mat or in a recess. It provides an excellent first dirt trapping surface and can be used outside the entry exposed to the weather or as an indoor mat. Absorption capacity 3.8 litres/m2. … Read More

Decor Elite Entrance Matting

Choose Decor Elite entrance matting for commercial areas where moisture absorption and dirt scraping are key considerations. Decor Elite is ideal for heavy use in entrance areas. Commercial buildings and medium-sized and large offices can benefit from the scraping and absorbing function of the Decor Elite on a daily basis. The composition of the entrance … Read More

AXIS Modular Entrance Mat

Interlocking modular entrance matting system with intense wear, water-absorbent infills. Polyamide carpet infills in a tile design efficiently remove dirt and water from footwear approaching from all directions in our AXIS Modular Entry Mat. Modular design allows PVC tiles to be cut to shape and size onsite for easy installation. To extend the mat, simply … Read More

Entrymaster® Classic 200

Entrymaster® Classic has proven itself time and time again as an excellent performing polypropylene entrance mat. Commercial entrance matting like Entrymaster® Premier, Entrymaster® Classic has a rubber-reinforced profile to prevent the pile crushing. This is true even in the highest traffic areas. Entrymaster® Classic 200 also features the same ‘Water Dam’ edge which retains dirt … Read More

Entrymaster® Premier 295

The ultimate Heavy Duty Entrance Mat giving long life and effective feet cleaning to stop all kinds of dirt and moisture at the door. Entrymaster® Premier features a 36 ounce Heavy Duty multi-denier polypropylene yarn system, the heaviest fibre available in its field. The Entrymaster® Premier 295 is manufactured with a rubber-reinforced profile to help … Read More

Entrymaster® Premier Roll Goods 271

This ultimate Heavy Duty Entrance Matting will keep giving long life and effective feet cleaning. Stop all kinds of dirt and moisture at the door for time to come. Entrymaster® Premier Roll Goods features a 36 ounce Heavy Duty multi-denier polypropylene yarn system. This is the heaviest fibre available in its field. The Entrymaster® Premier … Read More

Duraclean 290

Duraclean 290 Entrance Matting for inlay and recesses is available in 2.0m and 4.0m wide for large entrance areas. This great matting system is also suitable for air locks, lobbies, offices etc. Economically priced, it provides a durable alternative for either loose lay applications or for the use in recesses. The Berber style needlepunch carpet surface of Duraclean … Read More

Durarib 500DR

The Durarib 500DR series of throw down matting features a reliable polypropylene composition. With a reinforced surface pattern, this mat will not fade or deteriorate over time. It has a moulded rubber edging that will ensure that the matting remains tear, curl and damage resistant. Get yourself a long lasting, non-fitted entrance mat with the peace of mind you … Read More

Polyrib 500 Rib Mat

Top selling ribbed commercial mat that provides good performance at a value price. Colours Available

Superkord 515

A wide ribbed commercial matting with heavy duty polypropylene fibres and PVC backing. Suitable for medium to heavy traffic areas. Colours Available

Décor Plush 512

Classic commercial matting with a plush polypropylene surface. Often used as a carpet mat for office chair on hard floors. Decor Plush has multiple uses: Entry matting and, can be used as a chairmat on hard surfaces – slows chair movement, or can be used as an insulator on cold concrete floors. If you need … Read More

Multigard 220

Colours Available

Custom Printed Logo Matting

Create an attractive, effective and welcoming entrance to your business with Logo Matting. Top quality jet-printed nylon pile logomats that create a positive impression and are a great way to get your message across. 5 Easy Steps for a logo mat 1. Customer submits a logo in a high resolution file. (jpeg,pdf,png) 2. We match … Read More

Welcome Mats

Top quality jet-printed nylon pile logo mats that create a positive impression and are a great way to make your customers feel welcome. Welcome logomats can be made up using any of the 42 colours in our range. Read More

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