Easy, Durable & Dynamic – Introducing Duratred Ezy Aluminium Matting

Duratred Ezy Aluminium Matting

Have you had to deal with delays, replacements, sizing concerns, manufacturing times, and other never-ending obstacles when trying to get an effective entry mat for your business? The exhausting process of getting templates made, cad drawings done, arranging site visits & measure ups, can now be eliminated easily.

Taking forward our vision of providing an easy experience, we are very happy to introduce our smart, easy, and dynamic aluminium entrance matting – Duratred Ezy.

The beauty of this new aluminium entrance matting range Duratred Ezy is that you can create a grand entrance that improves the aesthetic and safety of your area in only few minutes. The system is designed to be supplied in slat forms in standard lengths which can be cut to any size. This makes achieving any size or shape for the mat very easy.

The mats are engineered for longevity and to maintain a healthy environment. With its dirt removing capacity and anti-slip surface, Duratred Ezy Mats make the entrance of education institutions, office areas, restaurants, shopping centres and sports facilities, attractive and cleaner.

The customizable aluminium matting has outstanding cleaning and scrubbing action, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. So why wait for months when you can give a new look to any space in just few hours.

Our Duratred Ezy Mats are available in Elite, Supreme & Scraper versions.

Key Features of Duratred Ezy Mats to know:

  • Anti-slip matting for high traffic spaces
  • The aluminium mats pass all flammability standards.
  • The engineered quality components ensure longevity in appearance and performance in even the highest traffic areas.
  • All the mats are Australian Made, i.e., Manufactured locally.

To work out how many slats your mat well will require measuring the mat’s walking direction or the front to back; put this into the Duratred Ezy Calculator. 

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You can check out our range of Entrance Mats here.

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