Disinfectant Mats Can Mitigate The Risk Of Foot And Mouth Disease

Disinfectant mats

There are growing concerns over the potential of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Australia, as this contagious viral disease of livestock could have a significant impact on the agriculture industry. Therefore, it has become imperative to take preventative measures, particularly on farms and areas where food is processed.

Eliminating any signs of virus transmission through shoes is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of foot and mouth disease, since shoe soles can harbour a variety of pollutants. It is therefore crucial to effectively disinfect with a disinfectant mat.

Our Boot Dip Mat made of Natural Rubber come with raised ramp edges that hold anti-germ or any liquid chemical for hygienic cleaning. Hundreds of rubber bristles in the mat encourage boot cleaning as the shoe bottoms are submerged in the disinfectant foot mat. The mat also has yellow edges to enable high visibility and safety.

With a dispatch time of 2 to 3 days, our Boot Dip Mats make for an effective solution to help contain the risk of foot and mouth disease.
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