Do you need Anti-Slip Stair Nosings on Fire Escape Stairs?

Do you need Anti-Slip Stair Nosings on Fire Escape Stairs

Fire escape stairs are a critical safety feature of all buildings, and it is essential to ensure that they are equipped with anti-slip stair nosings. Compliance with fire escape stair regulations is paramount, as these stairs are used in emergency situations. When choosing stair nosings, most projects tend to opt for the most economical option, such as anti-slip tape. However, a more durable and long-lasting option is metal stair nosings. Apartments are also increasingly encouraging residents to walk up the stairs for exercise, but this can pose a safety hazard if the stairs are not properly equipped. Anti-slip Stair nosings are thus essential not just for preventing slips and falls, but also to improve the overall appearance of the stairs.

What are anti-slip stair nosings?

Anti-slip stair nosings are strips of material that are attached to the edge of stair treads. They are typically made of metal and feature a non-slip surface that helps to prevent slips and falls.

Why are anti-slip stair nosings important for fire escape stairs?

Fire escape stairs are vital safety features in all buildings, especially during emergency evacuations, so it is crucial to equip them with anti-slip stair nosings to minimize the risk of accidents. Installing anti-slip stair nosings on fire escape stairs also ensures compliance with safety regulations.

What are the benefits of using anti-slip stair nosings on fire escape stairs?

There are many benefits to using anti-slip stair nosings on fire escape stairs, including:

Improved safety: Anti-slip stair nosings help to prevent slips and falls, which can lead to serious injuries, especially in an emergency evacuation.

Compliance with Australian standards: In Australia, anti-slip stair nosings are required on all new and renovated fire escape stairs under the Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2021 Design for Access and Mobility – Buildings and Public Spaces.

Reduced liability: Businesses and building owners can reduce their liability by ensuring that their fire escape stairs are equipped with anti-slip stair nosings.

How to choose the right anti-slip stair nosings for fire escape stairs

When choosing anti-slip stair nosings for fire escape stairs, it is important to consider the following factors:

Material: Anti-slip stair nosings are available in a variety of materials, but metal stair nosings are the most durable and long-lasting option. We recommend using either metal or fiberglass stair nosings.

Slip resistance: Anti-slip stair nosings should have a high slip resistance rating. The Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2021 requires anti-slip stair nosings to have a slip resistance rating of P4 or higher. All our stair nosings come with a P5 slip rating backed with slip test reports.

Visibility: Anti-slip stair nosings should be highly visible, especially in low-light conditions. This can be achieved by choosing stair nosings with a contrasting color. Use our LRV calculator to determine the required color contrast.

Durability: Our Anti-slip stair nosings are durable and come with a warranty certificate.

Where to explore our range of anti-slip stair nosings

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Anti-slip stair nosings are an essential safety feature for fire escape stairs. They can help to prevent slips and falls, improve compliance with regulations, reduce liability, and improve the appearance of fire escape stairs. If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality anti-slip stair nosings, be sure to check our range of stair nosings delivered across Australia.

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