Duratred® Enviro

Duratred® Enviro is constructed using the standard aluminium retainers and a truly environmentally friendly carpet insert. The insert material is made from recycled and regenerated raw materials including PET bottles, textile waste and soy bean sprouts. The vinyl backing material of the insert is also made using non phthalate plasticizers from vegetable origin. Designed for … Read More

Decor Elite Entrance Matting

Choose Decor Elite entrance matting for commercial areas where moisture absorption and dirt scraping are key considerations. Decor Elite is ideal for heavy use in entrance areas. Commercial buildings and medium-sized and large offices can benefit from the scraping and absorbing function of the Decor Elite on a daily basis. The composition of the entrance … Read More

Duratred® 516

The ultimate in aluminium matting is here. Duratred aluminium door mats will give a classy, architectural look to any entrance. With its clean lines of extruded aluminium combined with moisture absorbing material. These door mats will effectively clean and remove dirt and moisture from passing feet. The result is a clean and tidy entrance that … Read More

Duratred® Supreme

Duratred® Supreme is a premium quality aluminium and carpet strip mat. It boasts extra heavy duty scraper action inserts in a low 10mm design same as the Duratred® 516. The hobnail surface of the intense wear insert provides optimum dirt and moisture removal in all conditions. If you want to keep your entrance clean and safe all while looking … Read More

Duratred® Elite

Duratred® Elite is a premium quality aluminium and carpet strip mat. With its nylon pile inserts, it boasts a low 10mm design same as the Duratred® 516 entrance matting system. The plush nylon pile of the insert provides optimum moisture removal in all conditions making this a great choice as a matting system. Designed for … Read More

Duratred® Decor

Duratred® Decor is a premium quality aluminium/carpet strip mat with Ontera inserts in a low 10mm design same as the Duratred® 516, with a wide range of colour choices. The plush pile of the Ontera inserts provide good moisture removal in all conditions. Designed for indoor use, Duratred® Decor will not only be practical in … Read More

Duratred® Ribbed

Duratred® Ribbed is an alternative to the Duratred® 516, for heavy traffic areas and areas exposed to the weather. Its construction and styling is similar to that of Duratred® 516. The ribbed insert set between the extruded aluminium ensures maximum durability and gives a classy architectural look. This robust matting system not only lasts in weather … Read More

Duratred® Extreme

Duratred® Extreme is a premium quality aluminium mat with extra heavy duty grip inserts. With its profile boasting a low 10mm design same as the Duratred® 516. Sloped surfaces will benefit from this Duratred® Extreme mat. Its safe footing design will ensure safety in hazardous, wet or dry conditions. The non-slip abrasive grit surface of … Read More

Duratred® Coir Matting

Duratred® Coir Matting is a premium quality aluminium entrance mat with natural coir fibre inserts. Set in to a low 10mm design which is also found in the Duratred® 516 entry mat. Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. This husk makes for a robust mat that is ideal for the … Read More

AXIS Modular Entrance Mat

Interlocking modular entrance matting system with intense wear, water-absorbent infills. Polyamide carpet infills in a tile design efficiently remove dirt and water from footwear approaching from all directions in our AXIS Modular Entry Mat. Modular design allows PVC tiles to be cut to shape and size onsite for easy installation. To extend the mat, simply … Read More

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