Entry Brush

Entry Brush is a unique outdoor mat that combines scraping ability and moisture absorption. It can be used as a loose lay mat or in a recess. It provides an excellent first dirt trapping surface and can be used outside the entry exposed to the weather or as an indoor mat. Absorption capacity 3.8 litres/m2. … Read More

Safety Matting for Icy Conditions – Ulti-Grip 810

Safety Matting for icy conditions New, Heavy duty and extremely slip resistant matting for use anywhere slip control is required. This is the perfect safety matting for icy conditions! Ulti-Grip 810 is a long lasting, highly slip resistant safety matting suitable for use in slippery or icy conditions. Ideal for use in both internal and … Read More

Tube Matting 195

Tube Matting is designed and manufactured from non toxic food grade PVC tubes and provides excellent comfort and support underfoot. Tube Mat makes many workplaces and recreation environments safer, more comfortable and can help increase productivity by reducing fatigue. Tube matting for boats is a great way to use our Tube Matting 195. Available in … Read More

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