A go-to-guide to pick the right Tactiles & Stair Nosing Contractor for your construction projects!

A go-to-guide to pick the right Tactiles

Authored by: Luke Way

Finding the ideal partner to work with as a contractor to complete the project in a smooth and timely manner is crucial. Having worked on hundreds of projects throughout the last couple of years as a contractor for building safety products, we understand the criteria that are important for any project manager to finalize a contractor for tactile indicators and stair nosing keeping public safety in mind.

We’ve therefore put together a checklist that every project manager can follow to evaluate if they are shortlisting the right contractor for a job.

  • What is the Lead Time offered? 

Product lead times play a very important role in the timely completion of any project. Contractors who import their products generally have higher lead times. It is therefore best to choose a contractor that manufactures their tactiles and stair nosing locally so that lead times are efficient & product quality is maintained.

  • Do they offer on-site Luminance Testing? 

When installing tactile indications and stair nosing, it is essential to preserve luminance contrasts for each product. In order to maintain proper luminance contrast, a contractor should examine specified items against specific substrates during the tendering process. They should also be able to offer on-site luminance testing prior to installation to guarantee that AS1428.1-2009 standards are upheld.

  • Are they following OH&S practices? 

Safety is of the highest importance on any construction site. It is important that the contractor is constantly maintaining and revising their Safe Work Method Statements & Site Safety Management Plans along with training their employees/installers on safe work practices.

  • Are they able to provide valuable insights? 

A contractor that has put the effort in to provide a mark-up and has provided insight and expertise into the placement and layout of tactile indicators and stair nosing in accordance with AS1428.1-2009 should always be considered as you want items to be installed to code to save delays and re-work.

With 28 years of expertise in the building safety products market and 10 years working on various projects in the construction industry with some of the most well-known builders, Sterling Supplies is the ideal choice for your next project.

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