It’s nearly that time of the year again where we get a chance to celebrate the year we have finished. As we approach 2022, we would like to thank all of you for your support through 2022.

We were part of many projects that we are proud of this year, and we would love to share some of these with you.

1) Richmond Quarter

About the Project:
Richmond Quarter is a mixed-use development, with the Main Works consisting of a Basement and Podium Level Car Park, 7400sqm of Ground Floor Retail, 3100 sqm of Commercial Office and 368 ‘Build to Rent’ Apartments across five buildings. Sterling Supplies worked with Hacer Group for the supply and install of below products for the project.

Products Used:
• Stainless Steel Individual Tactile Indicators
• Natural Anodized Appular Carborundum Stair Nosing
• Polyethylene Wheel Stop
• Ultimate Wheel Stop
• Yellow Powder Coated Surface Mounted Bollard
• Galvanized Hoop Bike Rack
• Black Powder Coated Wall Mounted Bike Rack
• Galvanized Corner Guards
• Convex Mirror
• Height Restriction Bar

2) Sydney Football Stadium

About the Project:
Our Client John Holland partnered with the NSW government to deliver the landmark Sydney Football Stadium now known as Allianz Stadium. The NSW Government redeveloped it into a modern, world-class venue to ensure Sydney has a sporting and entertainment precinct of an international standard and that NSW remains the number one choice for sporting and entertainment events. Sterling Supplies played a significant role in this project to ensure stair safety with an appropriate stair nosing type that was customized for the stadium.

Unisearch expert opinion services assessed the provision of the appropriate nosing type to facilitate safe descent of all stairs and stepped aisles throughout the project. Our Arcane clear anodised stair nosing with black insert were customized considering findings from this research and were made to provide safe passage of occupants even in scenarios such as fatigue, fear of falling, induced vertigo, and other VHI factors. These made them safe for foot placement under all conditions while providing additional stability to offsets slipping and missteps.

As a result, patrons are now able to identify the stairs as an accessway and are then able to climb and descend each stairway safely as all the treads and flights are clearly visible clearly and detectable for safe foot placement and surface stability to avoid falling.

It was indeed a great honour to be a part of this new era for sport and entertainment in Australia.


3) Woolworths Mernda

About the Project:
One of our recently complemented projects, experience Woolworths’ new store at Mernda Town Centre, with an expanded fresh food experience, convenient shopping options & our work on safety compliance with the supply and install of tactile indicators and stair nosing.

Products Used:
Stainless Steel Individual Tactiles
Black Polymeric Individual Tactiles
Yellow Polymeric Individual Tactiles
Natural Anodised Appular Carborundum Yellow insert
Natural Anodised Appular Carborundum Black insert
Speed Hump


4) BMW Melbourne

About the Project:
Sterling Supplies was very happy to work with Macdonald’s Flooring and be a part of this project by Hansen Yuncken at Melbourne BMW to supply and install our products to help achieve safety compliance.

Products Used:
Transola Stair Nosing
Acclimite Carborundum Stair Nosing
Black PVD Coated Stainless Steel Individual Tactiles
In-Ground Bollard
Convex Mirror

5) Portalington Grand Hotel

About the Project:
Recapturing an era when paddle steamers traversed Port Phillip Bay, the historic yet newly refurbished Portarlington Grand Hotel offers a boutique experience with a local welcome for all. See below how Sterling Supplies played a small role in this project.

Products Used:
Black Polymeric Individual Tactile Indicators
Black PVD Coated Stainless Steel Individual Tactile Indicators
Stainless Steel Carpet System
Black Anodised Nexost 10mm Stair Nosing
Clear Anodised Nexost 10mm Stair Nosing
Black Anodised Appular Carborundum Stair Nosing
Natural Anodised Carpex Carborundum Stair Nosing

6) Bunnings Rozelle

About the Project:
Bunnings is one of the leading retailers of home improvement and lifestyle products in Australia. Sterling Supplies worked with Quasar Constructions for this project at Bunnings Warehouse in Rozelle. Here’s a glimpse from our work there.

Products Used:
• Black PVD Coated Individual Tactile Indicators
• Appular Carborundum Stair Nosing

7) Centenary State High School

About the Project:
Centenary State High School is a co-educational school, located in the beautiful, leafy Centenary area of Brisbane. Sterling Supplies worked with Bryant Building Contractors to provide safety compliance for this project.

Products Used:
• Carborundum Top Stainless Steel Individual Tactile Indicators
• Ceramic Tactile Indicators
• Skate Stops


8) 405 Bourke St

About the Project:
405 Bourke St is based in the heart of Melbourne & is a recent addition to Melbourne’s beloved laneway network. It was a pleasure working with Multiplex Constructions to execute this project.

Products Used:
Convex Mirrors
Hinged Convex Mirrors
SM Bollards filled with Concrete
Height Bar
Wheel Stops
Rubber Corner Guards
Galvanised Corner Guards

If you would like more information on our product offerings for your upcoming projects, do call us on 1800 621 103.