What is LRV and why is it important to choose the right tactile indicators & stair nosing?

What is LRV and why is it important to choose

Light Reflectance value measures the percentage of light a colour reflects. A colour’s Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of visible and operational light that reflects from (or absorbs into) a surface. This value can range from 0-100%, where 0 is maximum absorption or reflection and 100 is the least of it.

The reason a LRV Contrast is required is to improve the accessibility of vision impaired persons in public spaces and buildings. Most people who have vision impairment have some vision, however the vision loss is severe enough. A LRV Contrast enhances the safety, dignity, and independence of these persons as they move through the public environment by enabling them to identify differences in surfaces.

Knowing the reflectance value of your substrate and products for your project also ensures that compliance to the Australian Building Code is achieved and gives the project that special, optimal look it deserves. The right colours can elevate your project to another level while the wrong ones can do injustice to it, or worse still, prevent a building from being able to open as the project is not up to code. Hence knowing the reflectance value of specified products is important to, architects, engineers, builders, contractors and basically everybody associated with building projects.

There must be sufficient difference in the reflectance value of Building Elements to help provide a safe and accessible path for the vision impaired. The following LRV percentage difference is required for different products:

• Integrated Tactile Indicators – 30% difference to substrate

• Discrete Tactile Indicators – 45% difference to substrate

 Composite Tactile Indicators – 60% difference to substrate

 Stair Nosing – 30% difference to substrate

Hence not only using the correct product but also using it in the right colour is important. Sterling Supplies provides onsite luminance testing to all substrates before installation, as well as compliance certificates for all products.

Do you need guidance with choosing the right tactile indicators to suit your project? Does your public space need a stair nosing to give it that perfect look along with keeping safety compliance in check? Then look no more, get in touch with us for some expert advice.

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