Trick or Treat? Prevent these spooky construction project threats.

Trick or Treat

Halloween is all about facing your worst fears. Have you experienced spooky instances in your construction projects that could’ve been avoided with the right planning & expertise? Keep reading to know more.

Having worked for over 500+ projects in the construction industry to help achieve compliance with our range of safety products, we understand the project mishaps that can make it a scary experience.

Keep reading to see if you can relate to any of these Tricks (Threats) & what Treats (Solutions) our experts advise.
P.S.: If you are a Project Manager, Architect, Contract Administrator or Site Manager you should definitely give it a read.

Destroying a project’s feature staircase because the tread height was exceeded by the installation of stair nosing.

In order to ensure that the stair has been constructed to handle stair nosing and won’t raise the riser height above the maximum height permitted by the Building Code, we pay close attention to the stair detail drawings while estimating.

Building Certifier highlights incorrect LRV on tactiles one day before site completion causing removal of tactiles & damage to tiles beyond repair.

We understand that TGSI’s need to meet the minimum luminance contrast requirements. Sterling Supplies therefore provides onsite luminance testing to help confirm compliance when required, apart from providing LRV test certificates for products.

Due to sizing concerns and lengthy lead times, entrance mats being duplicated at additional cost, significantly delaying the project.

Our smart, easy and dynamic aluminium entrance matting Duratred® Ezy  is designed to be supplied in slat forms in standard lengths which can be cut to any size. This makes achieving any size or shape for the mat very easy. It comes with a dispatch time of only 48 hours.

Good planning & expertise can help you avoid these & other project threats. So, reach out to us and get connected with one of our project experts to discuss your upcoming projects.
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Happy Halloween!