Understanding the different types of Stair Nosing for project applications!

Understanding the different types of Stair Nosing for project applications

Stairs have been a slippery slope since the beginning of ages. Word play intended. But a proper stair nosing can prevent many disasters.

It is essential for a project to have a proper stair nosing for not only does it ensure safety but also gives the property a voguish and elegant look when the right kinds of stair nosing are selected.

The correct selection of the stair nosing can bring out the best in your homes, offices, restaurants, schools, complexes etc and ensure the safety of users.

There are various kinds of stair nosing that one can use according to their requirement. Of course, each one has its specialities and optimal usages.

For a neat, sleek, and architectural outlook, our Nexost, Appular Recessed, Appular Ribbed or Appular Corrugated nosing would just be your pick. And to take things a notch up, our Brass stair nosing would really enhance the magnitude of your site, especially a heritage location.

If you are looking for stair nosing for your warehouse or an industrial set up, the best kind would be Transola or Appular Carborundum. Anti-Slip Heavy Duty Strip would also work equally well in these kinds of projects. These screw and glue fix nosing would be perfect for the rough wear and tear of these sites.

Apart from these, if your project has a carpet installed on the stairs, our carpex carborundum or carpex ribbed stair nosing would fit well with it.

One important factor to consider while choosing an appropriate stair nosing for your project is the luminance contrast. Incorporating stair nosing with 30% or more luminance contrast is important to reduce the risk of falling on stairs.

To know more about what stair nosing would be a best fit for your project, you can contact us on 1800 621 103 & our team will be happy to assist you.

While the strength and warranty of each nosing type may differ, obviously, each one caters to its own use. So, find out which one is the most suitable for your project and order now!