Here’s why having a customized logo mat can increase your business’s visibility

Logo mats

A good first impression can work wonders & an entrance mat is the first thing people see when they enter your building. Having a customized entrance mat with your branding ensures a professional appeal & warm welcome. It also adds class and character to any entrance.

In the current day and age when marketing is so important, it makes for a great customer touchpoint for your business. Even though store windows, wall displays, and traditional forms of advertising are all effective, floor mats make for a marketing tool that stands out because of its novelty.

Custom logo mats have gone from being a way to keep the floor clean to being a powerful outdoor marketing channel for corporate buildings.

Here is a list of reasons why businesses can benefit from a custom entrance mat:

  • They contribute to making an outstanding first impression.
  • They introduce your business and raise brand awareness.
  • They serve as an advertising medium and help to increase brand memory.
  • They also serve as a point-of-sale display.
  • They create a safer environment by limiting the entry of dirt.

The best part of Sterling Supplies’ customized logo mats are:

  • The mats are a high-quality jet-printed twisted nylon plush pile that absorbs moisture and looks great.
  • The mats are heavy-duty but flexible with nitrile rubber backing and borders.
  • The mats are available with gripper backing or smooth backing.
  • You can choose from a range of 42 standard colours to choose from.
  • PMS colour matching is available for unique colours.
  • No artwork or setup charges.
  • Safety message logo mats are also available.

Our customized entrance mats come in 2 different types, Logo Mat & Logo Mat Inlaid. They are best suited for areas with foot activity of multiple visitors. Choose the one that fits your business needs perfectly.

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