Increase Spark-free safety with Welding Mats!

Increase Spark-free safety with Welding Mats!

High Flame-Resistant Anti-Fatigue Matting is here.

Every day, welders encounter fatal risks.

Burns, electric shock, fatigue, visual damage, and UV exposure are genuine risks. Blood flow restriction produces weariness, and our welding mats provide a comfortable surface for professionals requiring extended standing, due to which leg muscles become immobile and limit blood flow.

The spark-resistant welding mats by Sterling Supplies are an important component of welding safety and workstations. They can be used in any environment that sees sparks, hot shards, or small ignitions in industrial, commercial, or home welding activities.

They’re suitable to use near switchboards, control panels, fuse boxes, and spaces with high-voltage equipment.

Some of the key features why you should choose our welding mats are:

  • They withstand the harsh conditions of welding environment
  • They make for ideal mats for those that are welding for long periods
  • Mat surface is resistant to sparks caused by welding
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Great anti-slip surface
  • The mat can be easily cleaned by brushing, mopping, or wiping.

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